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Following is a growing list of resources outside of mainstream mental health. They can be accessed in a variety of ways--online, by phone, text, in person, and sometimes all of these. Also included are references (mostly free) that explain the resources. When available, I have also included resources that explain how you can get something started that speaks to you if it isn't currently accessible in your area. Also, if you don't like what we're offering at Peerly Human, there are lots of things beyond that. Just keep scrolling down the page. Here's the list:


Here's what we offer at Peerly Human and the Wellness/Recovery Human Rights Campaign (


Video, voice and text are all options. Call participants are welcome to come and go. If you come late, please enter quietly and respect the discussion that is going on.

  • 8-9:30 PM: Reversing the Stress Response - info, discussion, practice
  • 8:30-10 PM EDT: Deadly Serious--Talking Openly About Suicide (offered in partnership with the Alternatives to Suicide Community),


1. Come as a human being
2. Come as you (and only you)
3. No pros, no cops, no 911

We Welcome:
  • Your lived experience
  • Your distress
  • Your pain
  • Your needs 
  • Your values
  • Your ideas & insights about what works for you
Leave Behind:
  • Professional roles, reporting obligations and liability concerns
  • Political, social or organizational agendas
  • Opinions about the experiences of others or what is best for them


Deadly Serious: Talking Openly About Suicide 

  • Wednesdays -- 8:30-10 pm EDT
  • Saturdays -- 2:30-4 pm EDT  

More info:

Intentional Peer Support Practice Series 

Listening for Life: 6 Steps From Stress to Well-Being

Other online group support options: 

1. Hearing Voices Network,

  • Mutual aid for voices, visions or extreme or unusual experiences

2. Emotions Anonymous,

3. Spiritual Emergence Anonymous,

4. Support Groups Central,

  • Support group options (some online) for mood, anxiety, voices and substances, among other things

Other Cool Stuff That Is Out There

The big picture

1. Peer respites (spaces offering safe respite)

2. Peer support centers

  • Directory of Statewide Peer Organizations,
  • Examples of what can be done:

3. Alternatives to Suicide

4. Support lines staffed with people who care and want to listen

7. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP),

8. Support for veterans

(U.S. vets are dying by suicide almost every hour on the hour every day of every year)

9. Support to withdraw from psychiatric drugs

10. Support for creativity and resilience

11. Support for voices, visions and extreme or unusual experiences

12. Support for human needs and human rights

Provider-Developed Resources That A Lot of Activists Like

Do you know of other helpful resources that respect personhood and treat us as people first...?  Please share!


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