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What It's Like to Be a Mother Watching Your Son Destroyed by Psychiatry

Editor's note:  Thanks everyone. Those concerned are now conscious, aware and free to speak for themselves. They've asked for some privacy, which has included modifying this post in significant ways.  There may be more changes in the future as concerns are further clarified and expressed.  This is how advocacy should work.  In the mean time, this is what unfolded near the end of July 2018: 

This is an all hands on deck call for advocacy. The trauma is unfolding as we speak. I received the following texts over the past 24 hours from the mother of the young man pictured on the left. This is reprinted with permission. The circumstances are dire. They are desperate for any advocacy expertise or assistance you might offer.

UPDATE: Important strategy change:  Please do not call the hospital.  The healthcare providers are now responding and being helpful.  The mother has requested that advocates contact her directly with suggestions to minimize the possibility of retribution or wagon circling responses by healthcare providers. Those offering ideas or support can friend Martha at or call her at 813-468-9022.

Dino and Martha's Story

Friday 4:50 pm

Sorry. I think I hung up on you yesterday. I was driving and trying to figure out where I was going. Trying to find where they had taken my son. It’s not good. They ran out of his Clozapine and he is gone. I don’t know where he is. A person cannot just abruptly stop Clozapine. He was Baker Acted yesterday. He was violent, like a trapped animal, and scared. He can’t even talk. Has lost his memory. I’m exhausted. Just got home from hospital and need rest.

Why so much suffering? The residential treatment facility was supposed to be monitoring and dispensing his Clozapine. They messed up but now he is suffering. He’s been on medical observation but now being transferred to psych. I’m sorry. I’ve had no time to callback. Another trauma for him. It’s draining for me. I’m sorry. God help him. He’s suffering.

Saturday 1:25 pm

I’ve been lied to by the facility that was supposed to be managing, monitoring and dispensing his meds. Three people told my husband and I the same story and blamed my son for them running out of medication. When I found holes in their story, I asked questions. So, yesterday, a different story was told to me.

But my son is suffering severe severe rebound psychosis and more. Extreme paranoia! Now he’s almost in a catatonic state I was told. Last night he was trying to choke himself by producing saliva and choking himself with it. He was spitting on people and was violent. This morning he was staring up at the ceiling with his jaw open.

Thursday night at ER they gave him an injection of Geodon and Ativan. Friday, while on medical observation because his blood work is all messed up. He started punching the window so they gave him haldol injection. Now he is in psych ward. And they have destroyed him again.

Saturday 6:15 pm

Just saw him for a few minutes
It is a complete NIGHTMARE!
He’s dying
They MADE us leave
They called to have an ICU nurse evaluate him and MADE us leave
He cannot swallow. He’s struggling to breath. He’s aspirating his saliva and liquids that they were trying to give him.
He’s trying so hard to breathe
I hear all the liquids rattling around in his throat
He cannot swallow and is choking. He cannot breathe
His eye started bleeding. The same eye started turning black and blue around his eye
Wish I had had my phone and could have taken a picture!
This is pure EVIL

Maybe the liquid was rattling in his lungs! Rattling. Every time he tried to breathe. Struggling for air.

White foam coming out of his mouth and filling his mouth.

They moved him to medical. I know nothing else. I think ICU

Saturday 6:51 pm

On a bi-pap machine. Heavily sedated. Critical care doctor is still assessing him.

Saturday 10:14 pm

Can you talk?

A nurse friend of mine just said that she’s sure he was having a seizure

And they were going to just leave him in isolation in the psych ward! The nurse was talking to us, saying he’s in isolation and we can’t see him. Then she said, “do you hear him screaming?” I said”no I only hear someone groaning “. She said that was him. I begged to see him. They finally put him in a private room for us to see him. I insisted on medical care. I could tell he was having a medical crisis and I’m not the professional!! The nurse even admitted that she wasn’t sure what was wrong with my son!

I guess they thought he was just having psychiatric issues. Can’t they tell if he’s having medical issues? I don’t get it. Why leave him in isolation like that? This is so scary that no one seems to care. I’m not a professional and I could tell he was having a medical crisis!

I heard him groaning in isolation and begged to see him. They did nothing for him until I expressed my concerns.

When I saw him he was trying to speak, moving his mouth, but only sounds like groaning came out and not words. His eyes were all the way up looking at ceiling.
And white foam pouring out of his mouth

His entire body beet red. Veins popping out of his neck. He grabbed my hand and tried so hard to tell me something but he couldn’t speak.

I’m so upset!

We’re on our way to the hospital because they refuse to give us information.
They said we can’t come. But I’m his proxy. They need to tell me everything. They didn’t even know he was having a seizure?

He is at St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL.

Begging for help

Yesterday, Martha posted this plea in MAD in America:

Please help—the residential treatment facility abruptly stopped my son’s Clozapine 500mg daily medication because they forgot to get his bloodwork for the pharmacy. They forced him to stop abruptly and did not receive them for many days. They manage his medication and he has been very stable on Clozapine. He went into full blown rebound psychosis with forced hospitalization. Thursday night in ER they gave him an injection of Geodon and Ativan. Friday he was on medical observation since his blood numbers were all messed up. But he punched a window trying to get out so they gave him an injection of haldol and Ativan. Later they moved him to the psychiatric floor. A nurse called me today to make me his proxy. She said his eyes were rolled back in his head and his mouth was wide open. She said - maybe Catatonia or allergic reaction so they gave him an injection of Benadryl. When we arrived for visitation a nurse came to us and said our son was in isolation and we couldn’t see him. She said, “do you hear someone screaming?” I said, “no, but I hear someone groaning “. She said that was our son. I begged to see him for just a minute. They put him in a private room for us to briefly see him. The nurse even admitted that she wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. When we saw him his eyes were rolled back in his head. White foam was coming out of his mouth. He was choking on this liquid foam. He grabbed my hand and tried to say something. He moved his mouth but only groans came out. He was stiff and beet red. Veins popping out of his neck. Profusely sweating. I said, “he needs medical attention.” So they called an ICU nurse to come assess him. They made us leave. He is now in ICU with a bi-pap machine breathing for him and he is heavily sedated. They will tell me nothing else. This is so wrong that he was forced to cold turkey his Clozapine and now is suffering horribly. And the psychiatric ward was just going to keep him in isolation and let him die if I had never insisted I see him? So wrong. My son needs representation. Advocating. Help. Anyone. The front desk at the hospital said we cannot come now but I’m coming because no one will give me information over the phone. This is injustice. Please. How can I get justice for my son. He’s suffering horribly. Help please. If you can.

The 'Good Ole Days'

June 10th 8:08 pm

I was visiting my son because he is court ordered to a residential treatment facility and court ordered drugged.  Just now driving home with my husband.  My heart hurts every time I leave him.  I will try to get it together myself to call tomorrow.  I am drained.  Will probably go to sleep after we get home.  Have about an hour’s drive.  Just now left the residential treatment facility. 

Dino's Song

May 30th 10:27 pm

My son’s song.  Stormy Paradise.  He says a stormy paradise is what he sees in the refrain.  It may not make a lot of sense to you, but this was s big step for him.   He's been through a lot.

"My first song"  

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