Saturday, September 17, 2016

Alternative Conversations: Mon. 9/19/17 - Fri. 9/23/17 @ 7-9 EST

Can't afford Alternatives 2016 in San Diego? Want to talk about alternatives to the conventional mental health system and the dominant culture thinking that sustains it…?  Dial 331-205-7196 or click:  Details below:  

Alternative Conversations

Join us for a free online series of conversations to explore and envision alternatives to the medical model and conventional mental health responses.

Monday 7-9 PM EST: Conscience, Not Coercion - Respecting self-determination when needs conflict and discomfort rises.  

Tuesday 7-9 PM EST: Facing Life Instead of 'Treating' It - The high cost of psychiatry on our collective social development

Wednesday 7-9 PM EST: Adaptive vs. Broken Biology - How the human survival response explains away 'mental illness'

Thursday 7-9 PM EST: In Our Deepest Darkest Hours - Why authentic relationship must become part of the solution

Friday 7-9 PM EST: Conflict Revolution:  Getting beyond shutting each other up and shouting each other down

To join the call: 

By phone: (1)331-205-7196 (dial *67 for added privacy)
Toll-free if you need it: (1)855-661-1243

International: Local access numbers available at

For more about the sponsor:

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