Thursday, September 22, 2016

Conflict Revolution: Getting Beyond Shutting Each Other Up and Shouting Each Other Down

My entire blog for this topic boils down to three lines:  

I'm not sure how to do this. 
But I think we need to.  
Who has ideas? 

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Alternative Conversations

Join us for a free online series of conversations to explore and envision alternatives to the medical model and conventional mental health responses.

Monday 7-9 PM ESTConscience, Not Coercion - Respecting self-determination when needs conflict and discomfort rises.  

Tuesday 7-9 PM ESTFacing Life Instead of 'Treating' It - The high cost of psychiatry on our collective social development

Wednesday 7-9 PM ESTAdaptive vs. Broken Biology - How the human survival response explains away 'mental illness'

Thursday 7-9 PM ESTIn Our Deepest Darkest Hours - Why authentic relationship must become part of the solution

Friday 7-9 PM ESTConflict Revolution:  Getting beyond shutting each other up and shouting each other down

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  1. 1. abolish the state.
    2. abolish patriarchy.
    3. abolish capitalism.

    all of those institutions create division, exploitation, scarcity and hierarchy.

    in the meantime, i believe that women need to create our own centered ways of being on the earth and living peacefully. men need to work on their own ways of being and accept that women aren't going to be at their beck and call.

    we need to resist the pipelines and other attacks on the earth and water and climate, as much as we can even though it's gone too far already. (e.g. a friend told me last night that there is an active fight against a pipeline in new york state *that would go right near the nuclear power plant at indian point*. yes, nuclear power plant.

    we need to do what we are called to do in this time. whether it's civil disobedience, law, speaking out, defending someone against a racist attack, prosecuting rapists, etc. we will all draw different lines in terms of what compromise we will accept with the destructive system we all have to live in. to the extent we can affirm each other's vision even we disagree, as part of the whole, we should do that.

    but sometimes the conflicts are deep and fundamental. we may all as human beings hold part of the truth but in history and time we can't always see how another person's part relates to our own. this doesn't mean we should stop fighting. we have to fight for what we know is true, even if others disagree.

    also, we have to learn what peace is and how to resist oppression peacefully without giving up any options that we have, e.g. without limiting our thinking or imaginations. to choose peace consciously as warriors rather than being intimidated or afraid, particularly as women, to manifest violence or aggression or anger or self-defense. to choose peace as a way of life from a standpoint that makes personal sense in relation to values, spirituality, beliefs, emotional and social needs, grounded in strength of will and connectedness to the earth and to whatever and whomever we love.

    i don't see conflict as a problem even though it results in painful divisions and splits. i see those divisions and splits in a historical time frame, as part of an overall development that we are within and can't rise above. we need to do our personal best to be present, to show up for ourselves and what we believe in and encounter other people's truths and emotions about it, while not paying too much attention to attacks or letting it divert us from our calling.

  2. I agree, alternatives to the medical model and conventional mental health responses are very much needed.


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