Thursday, September 1, 2016

Declaring Our Destiny Call-In - Thurs 9/8/16 @ 9-11 EDT

Calling all survivors and resisters of psychiatry!  In 1982, at the Tenth Annual Conference on Human Rights & Psychiatric Oppression, activists from around the world adopted 30 Principles to make our movement real. Tonight, we will discuss this Declaration of Principles.  We will talk about it's relevance to our lives today, and how we would like to see these ideas advanced and moved forward in the modern world. We will talk about what it means to be a conscientious objector to psychiatry and the industry and political interests that support and promote it.  We will talk about our own ideas and our own "Alternatives" to the consumer-oriented, Pharma-infiltrated "Alternatives" Conference that is happening later this month.

As best we are able, we will speak for ourselves, in our own authentic voices as survivors and resisters of psychiatry. As best we are able, we listen to the experience and voices of other survivors and resistors who, like us, value human rights and are striving to create a more human rights-informed world.

Declaring Our Destiny Call-In

Thursday, September 8. 2016
9-11 PM EDT

To join the call: 

By phone: (1)331-205-7196 (dial *67 for added privacy)

Toll-free if you need it: (1)855-661-1243

By internet:

International: Local access numbers available at

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