Monday, November 21, 2016

Alternatives to Suicide - Tuesdays 8-9:30 PM EST

Hi there!  Glad you found us!  Our group call format is in transition.  If you need peer support, want to offer it, or want to learn more about either or both, please contact us:

Our basic approach to people helping people ('peer support') is summarized below, as well as a flavor of what we've offered in the past:

Alternatives to Suicide

Some of us have been having a rough time of late.

If you're in the same boat, this is a space for conversation with others who feel that way too.

Dial 331-205-7196 or click

No pros, no cops, no 911.

Just people who get it and know from experience that life really is that hard.

Details below:

Alternatives to Suicide

Tuesdays 8-9:30 PM EST

To Join Us:

  • By Phone: Dial 331-205-7196 
  • Toll-free if you need it: 855-661-1243, no pin

For Added Privacy:

Please use the *67 feature to block caller ID.  For instructions on how to do this:

Having trouble? Text Sarah Knutson at 802-279-3876.

Call Description

Modern society has created a world that many of us do not want to live in. Many of us are in pain and can't imagine this ever changing. We sincerely ask if life is worth the effort.

No one should face these kinds of difficult decisions all alone.  This is a space to have a respectful conversation about serious issues that seriously matter.

Our Intentions:

1. Offer human rights-informed, coercion free space

2. Share from the heart & make space for others to do the same

3. Hold each other’s truths with dignity, respect, interest and willingness to learn

4. Maintain a heavy dose of humility for the things we don't yet know or understand

5. Respect each person’s conscience and right to decide for themselves

6. Create a community, rather than a support group

7. Change the world in ways that make it liveable for all human beings

8. Support each other’s human rights, including the right to be left alone


Peerly Human is a community of respect and regard for all members of the Human Family. We welcome people from every walk of life and with every kind of life challenge. Our primary purpose is to live with dignity and conscience in harmony and equality with other human beings.  The only requirement is a willingness to respect the dignity and conscience of other community members.
Above all, we cherish and protect our common need to find acceptance and belonging in a community of peers.  We are not a healthcare or social service organization. No one may attend in a professional capacity, only as a peer.

We have no experts or paid staff. Rather, we are fallible people of good will and conscience. We support these efforts with our own energy and resources on a voluntary basis. We are doing the best we know how. Our sole ambition is to learn together and share with others who are willing to join us on the human journey.  

For more about Peerly Human and human rights-informed alternatives to conventional behavioral health, see


  1. This is posted a year ago - is it still happening every week?

  2. Thanks for your interest. Yes, we still meet weekly.


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