Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chapter 2-3: The Real Dirt on Medical Model Outcomes

(in progress)

If you want to understand the problems with medical model outcomes, the most definitive source is Robert Whitaker's work and website,  This is really the most careful and comprehensive analysis of the research to date.  Bob won a national investigative journalism award in 2010 for documenting the link between Pharma, psychiatry and dramatically worsening medical model outcomes. Bob's work is so thought provoking and persuasive that it has convinced many career psychiatrists of the urgent nice to rethink these issues.

Since no one makes the case better or more clearly than Bob, I refer you to the parts of his work that, for me, have been the most personally illuminating.




  1. Hi, Sarah! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I just wanted to let you know that the first article, Psychiatry Under the Influence, contains a broken link. Loving everything else so far ... -Mel B

    1. Sarah, go ahead and check all the links above; only about half of them are working. Whitaker's article on anti-psychotics really resonated with me. His research suggests what Ive long suspected: these drugs are harmful with long-term use. - Mel B


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