Monday, March 27, 2017

Part III: If it's Not a Disease, What Is It?

We've spent all of Parts I and II talking about the limitations and shortcomings of the medical model of 'mental illness.'   But what is the alternative…?  Is there anything better out there… ? And if there is , what do we do…?

We will spend the rest of this guide answering these questions.  In this part (Part III), we will talks about the sources of distress and intensity that lead people to the mental health system in the first place.  In the next part (Part IV), we will talk about the ways such concerns get expressed in the human body.  After that, we will spend the rest of this guide explaining what can be done about it by individuals, families, clinicians, policy-makers, communities and concerned citizens.

The hope is to offer a simple, straightforward way of understanding and effectively addressing the numerous and social issues that are currently being siphoned out of public consciousness and siloed for 'treatment' into the behavioral health industry.

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