Friday, September 29, 2017

An Open Letter to a Friend

You've been a great friend to me.  I value what you bring to my life. We don't always agree, but I like how you think about things. There are many ideas and experiences we share that enrich my life a lot.

I need your help with something that is important to me.  I'm concerned about the direction we are going in public mental health.  I don't like the way we are silo-ing human beings into the categories of 'mentally well' and 'mentally defective.'  I fear we may be creating the very problems - and possibly the violence - that all of us long to prevent.

This weekend I am participating in a campaign to call attention to these concerns. There is an article link below that I hope you will take time to check out.  It explains what this action is about and why.  I realize that it may challenge many of your assumptions and beliefs about these issues.  I don't expect you to participate in the action.  I don't even expect you to agree with me. I am just asking you to listen.  Then maybe some day, if you would like, we could talk about these things more.

With deep regard,

Your Friend Always

72 Hour Hold for Inalienable Personhood,

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