Saturday, September 30, 2017

Anatomy of a Breakdown

How real life impacts individual and social well being (in 2 easy steps):
  1. Life is hard all by itself
  2. Human rights make or break you. 


  1. Some people push you and some people will drag you .

  2. Some people push you and some people will drag you .

  3. Articulated and promoted by the brilliant Sarah Knutson:


    1) Life is hard all by itself.
    2) Basic needs are insecure
    3) Bias and prejudice shut us out
    4) Trusted institutions let us down
    5) Social responses make it worse
    6) Injuries add up.

    In the case of Puerto Rico, living so very long without honest clear representation... In the case of loved ones placed in Forced Dependency on Institutions which are set up to make PROFIT and not necessarily to have their loved ones' needs, wants, desires as their primary consideration.... There are so many places in our country and world today which can be described by all of Sarah's models. Then we can discuss and extrapolate and strategize our WAY OUT OF THIS MESS We Are In before The Late Great Planet EARTH goes ka-poop like popcorn, too much heat, too much CARBON MONOXIDE (lay off the CO2 discrimination, our TREES NEED THEIR OWN DIFFERENT AIR!). There... Puerto Rico has asked for volunteers for truck drivers (need not be certified), just able to distribute and disseminate, even if by hand or by foot, the supplies. Please check with the Red Cross and other reputable organizations to find out if the PEOPLE OF PUERTO RICO (& MEXICO CITY, and elsewhere) NEED HELP on the ground, in the air, by sea, or with donations or help provided from our own home. It IS TIME FOR US TO CARE - for our weary planet and for each other. It is Time for Us to Love One UN-Other, NOW!


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