Saturday, September 30, 2017

Insider Secrets: The Recipes for Well-Being

Human Rights  Freedom from fear and want, respect for human rights,  Medical/ Psychiatry  The right genes, biology, medical management Mental Health Therapists  The right families, beliefs and responses   Trauma- Informed Care  Avoiding or healing the effects of trauma

Each of the four paradigms has their own recipe for well-being. Let's take a look.

1. Disease model psychiatry  

According to medical model psychiatry, well-being is basically a matter of the right genes and biology.  If you don't have that the next best thing is a careful program of medical management of your biological abnormalities.

2. Conventional 'talk' therapy

Conventional talk therapy tends to see define well being as a result of functional thought, behavior and relationships.  Often it depends on if you came from the right family or learned the right patterns for operating in the world.  If you didn't, not to worry.  This is something many people can correct with the right kind of therapy.

3. Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care generally sees well-being as a matter of avoiding trauma or healing it after the fact if you were one of the unlucky ones.  Well being is generally defined from the perspective of the survivor and usually includes a creating a safe trauma-free space to heal and learning to avoid re-traumatization.   

4.  Human Rights 

The human rights paradigm is sees well being as a product of social relationships and access to basic needs. Human rights posits that both individual and social well being can be maximized when fear and want are minimized. This entails getting everybody on board as much as possible to support good will and access to basic needs all around.

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