Sunday, October 1, 2017

Our Status Under Human Rights: Members of a Human Family

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is truly a remarkable document.

For the the first time in human history, the peoples of the world came together and affirmed their belief in the nature of human nature:

1. Birthright

We are all members of a human family

We are equal in dignity and rights.

We are endowed with reason and conscience. 

2. Potential and Worth

This is implied by:

  • Birthright into human family
  • Our inherent dignity
  • Our inherent equality
  • Our inherited rational status (we are endowed with reason)
  • Our inherited moral status (we are endowed with conscience)

3. Shared Responsibility
  • To relate to each other in a spirit of kinship

This is the shared and fundamental nature of all people everywhere.

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