Sunday, October 1, 2017

Our Status Under Human Rights: Non-Delegable Duty

Here is an important point.

With human rights your are never off the hook

You never get to take the Eichmann defense:  I was just following orders.

If the law is wrong, if the boss is wrong, if the code of your  profession is wrong, your duty is to oppose that.

You don't need to do it meanly.  In fact under human rights, you shouldn't.
That would only raise reactivity and make things worse.

The human rights solution is to offer the same respect  and regard to those you think are wrong as you would to anyone else.

Right or wrong, we are members of a human family.
Right or wrong, we are people first. 
Right or wrong, we still have personhood.
Right or wrong, we still have human needs and a basic need to access the resources that gets them met.

The Universal Declaration asks us to put these obligations first.

First and foremost is our obligation to treat each other decently.

This obligation to each other supercedes all others.

In the realm of human relations there is no higher law. 

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