Monday, October 2, 2017

The Real Dirt on Medical Model Outcomes

No one should ever lose their personhood.  Period.

But how anyone lose their personhood when the outcomes are this bad just goes to show the real foundation of US exceptionalism:

You have as many rights ...
as money, privilege or influence can buy  

If you want to understand the problems with medical model outcomes, there's nobody like Robert Whitaker.  His work and website, offer a careful and comprehensive analysis of cutting edge research and ideas.  Bob won a national investigative journalism award in 2010 for documenting the link between Pharma, psychiatry and dramatically worsening medical model outcomes. Bob's work is so thought provoking and persuasive that it has convinced many career psychiatrists of the urgent nice to rethink these issues. For those of us on the other sick of the lock, Bob validated and made it credible to voice what we already knew in our hearts.

Since no one makes the case better or more clearly than Bob, I refer you to the parts of his work that, for me, have been tha most personally illuminating.

Some Few Eye Openers  

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