Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not Broken Biology: Getting Beyond the Disease Model Paradigm of 'Mental Illness'

Table of Contents

Part I: Why This Guide Is Being Written

Chapter 1-1: The Manual I Would Have Wanted for Me

Chapter 1-2: The 'GUTs' (Grand Unified Theory) of Conventional Behavioral Health

Chapter 1-3: Aren't You Just Quibbling with Language?

Part II:  A Defective Theory of Mental Defects

Chapter 2-1: Why The Disease Model of Mental Illness is (erhm...) Dying

Chapter 2-2: Social Determinants of Behavioral Health

Chapter 2-3: The Real Dirt on Medical Model Outcomes

Chapter 2-4: Why Your Horoscope is as Valid as Your Disagnosis

Chapter 2-5: Lived Experience of Medicine-Based Approaches

Chapter 2-6: Lived Experience of Other Conventional Responses

Part III: If It's Not a Disease, What Is It?

Chapter 3-1: Life is Challenging - All By Itself

Chapter 3-2: Human Needs That We All Have

Chapter 3-3: When People Make Bad Things Worse

Chapter 3-4:  Discrimination, Bias, Prejudice: A Brief History of Social Othering

Chapter 3-5: Social and Institutional Betrayal

Chapter 3-6: Resulting Harms and Losses

Part IV: Not Broken Biology - The Normal Biology We Call 'Crazy'

Chapter 4-1: It Looks Like Bipolar and Acts Like Bipolar, But…

Chapter 4-2. Why It’s Not Bipolar

Chapter 4-3. Why Normal Responses So Often Look 'Crazy'

Chapter 4-4. Gearing Up for Survival: The Human Survival Response in a Nutshell 

Chapter 4-5: Explaining So-Called ‘Mental Illness’

Chapter 4-6:  Explaining Particular ‘Disorders’ and Symptoms

Chapter 4-7: Why The Dis-Ease Keeps Getting Worse

Chapter 4-8: Why ‘Mental Illness’ is a Vicious Cycle and a Catch-22

Part V: Where to Go From Here

(in progress)

Chapter 5-1: Why We Need a New ‘Recovery’

Chapter 5-2. Turning Off High-Stakes Reactivity

Chapter 5-3: Putting the "Experts" in Their Place

Chapter 5-4:  De-Coding the Messages of High Stakes Reactivity

Chapter 5-5: Working With High Stakes Reactivity/ Common Problem, Common Solution

Chapter 5-6: Changing Your Relationship to High Stakes Reactivity

Chapter 5-7: When It’s Your Own High-Stakes Reactivity

Chapter 5-8: When Someone Else is in High Stakes Reactivity

Chapter 5-9: When You’re Both in High Stakes Reactivity

Part VI: Messages to the Behavioral Health System

Chapter 1: Rethinking Professional Roles 131
Chapter 2: Redefining ‘Ethical’ 132
Chapter 3: Why Mutual Regard Works 133
Chapter 4: Why Coercion, Force, & Confrontation Make Things Worse 134
Costing Us Our Conscience: The unbearably high price of conventional mental health 135

Part VII: Message to Lawyers, Lawmakers and Activists

Chapter 1: Moratorium on Diagnosis 139
Chapter 2: Consumer Protection 140
Chapter 3: Expert Witlesses 141
Chapter 4: Meaningful Research 142
Chapter 5: Experts by Experience 143
Chapter 6: Community Alternatives 144
Chapter 7: Minimum Standards for Community Health 145

Part VIII. Message to the Caring Public

Chapter 1:Why Psychiatric Labels Are More Deadly Than Guns 155
Chapter 2: Have You Noticed the Two Americas in Mental Health? 164
Chapter 3: The REAL Threat to Public Safety is Marginalization 167
Chapter 4: Bury My Heart At Wounded Psyche 175
Chapter 5: "I Am Proud to Be Maladjusted" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 180
Chapter 6: Iatrogenic Advocates - Modern Guardians of "The Mentally Ill" 148
Chapter 7: Lived Experience Must Get A Fair Hearing 153

Appendix: 12 Steps for Everyone

Introduction: What is Peerly Human?
Chapter 1: Reality is the Problem 90
Chapter 2: Reality Suggests Some Possible Solutions 92
Chapter 3: Ready to Try Differently…? 99
Chapter 4: Who Am I, Really…? 100
Chapter 5: Finding People Who Make it Better Instead of Worse 111
Chapter 6: Sifting and Winnowing 112
Chapter 7: Getting to the Heart and Soul of the Matter 113
Chapter 8: Uncovering Our Tracks 114
Chapter 9: Recognition and Reconciliation 115
Chapter 10: Maintaining Integrity 116
Chapter 11: Rinse, Repeat 117
Chapter 12: Living Into the ‘Soul Force’ 118

To read more of this guide: 

Not Broken Biology: Getting Beyond the Disease Model Paradigm of 'Mental Illness'


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    1. Are you going to publish a book or eBook? The world needs what you are working on and it looks like you are doing a very detailed analysis from more than just a "clinical" perspective. This is so needed today! Thank you.

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