Saturday, September 30, 2017

By What Authority Do You Propose Crazy People Should Have Rights...?

That question actually strikes me as a bit 'crazy' in the same way that public safety proponents banter about that phrase:

  1. It's out of touch with consensual reality of the world community
  2. It's oblivious to the needs and rights of others
  3. It aggressively proposes to encroach upon the existential space of others in harmful ways
  4. It openly endorses discrimination and maltreatment
  5. It advocates anti-social attitudes and behaviors 
  6. It incites disturbance and community conflict
  7. It's grandiose in presuming  to pass judgment on the capacities and worth of human equals
  8. It lacks insight into personal motivations
  9. It fails to take responsibility for one's own pursuit of happiness
  10. It expects others to make a unilateral sacrifice to address one's one needs, concerns and fears
  11. In all probably, when all of this is pointed out, the person will demonstrate zero remorse. 

P.S. There's a lot better authorities than this.  

Tina Minkowitz has pretty much devoted her life to creating them and collecting them.  You can find more out about that here:  

Center for Users and Survivors of Psychiatry,

Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment and Involuntary Commitment,

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