Sunday, October 1, 2017

Human Rights Competency #1-1: Treats Me Like Human Family

There no worse feeling for me than someone making a living off of me and treating me like I'm not worthy to take out their trash at the same time. Human rights are about the things that all of us need from each other in order to feel like we belong to the human race.

For myself, I like to think we both see each other as people.  I like to think we both care about each other's well being.  I like to think we both wish each other well and do what we can to help, consistent with our own needs. 

For you it may be something different.  We are all new at figuring this out and trying to live this way.  The important thing is that we listen and that we try.  That, for me, is what it means to be human family.  To the best of our ability in any given moment, we recognize each other's dignity and support each others rights.

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