Sunday, October 1, 2017

Is Your Clinician Competent in Human Rights?

 We're going to talk about this for the next 21 hours.  You're getting all the slides here so you have them all in one place. 

These competencies apply to your clinician, but they were written for you.  They are here so tyou can take them into your healthcare appointments and have a frank chat about what it means to have inalienable personhood. 

Just because someone has a degree doesn't entitle them to disregard your human rights.  It's bad practice and bad manners. It's also bad for you and others to let it go unchallenged.

Every one of us has a nondelegable obligation under human rights to educate our healthcare providers to the fact that we are people first.  International standards, as well as common courtesy, apply everywhere.  Professional offices and government institutions are no exception.  In fact, by international standards, such places should be leading the effort - not the last to catch on!

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