Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How Our Families Can Change the World

I post a lot of stuff about my honest experience of living. I do that to find others who share similar experiences, needs and values. I also do that in case others are out there alone and struggling and think they are the only ones. 

At the same time, there's a lot of risk in this.  Among other things, this world being what it is, I sometimes worry that my family might bear the brunt of it. For that reason, I'm incredibly grateful to my family for supporting me, my work and my sharing so openly. That's a rare gift in this world that values keeping up appearances more than genuineness, sincerity and an honest search to find and share the truth of your life as you see it. 

I want to honor here how much my family has given me and taught me about the meaning of love. This includes hanging in there through really hard times of confusion and misunderstanding. It includes continuing to reach out despite feeling frustrated or frightened. It includes trying to understand a viewpoint that makes absolutely no sense at all to you and possibly even threatens things you care about a lot - simply because it matters to someone you love and are desperately trying not to lose. My family has offered all these things to me over the years - and continues to. 

For all of that, I am deeply grateful. The gift is priceless and beyond measure. I wish it for everyone. To me, it is a beautiful vision of what it means to be the kind of 'human family' that, with time and persistence, can change the world.


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