Friday, September 29, 2017

#72HRHOLD for Inalienable Personhood - Hourly Posts here

PERSONHOOD AWARENESS - 72-HOUR HOLD  from Friday, September 29th @ 5 PM EST to Monday, October 2nd @ 5 PM EST, 2017  'KEEP THE ATTENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS'  If you are thinking that 72 hours is a big ask, that’s the point. You have things to do, people to see, calls to make. You lose your job. Your pets or plants die. Your kids get taken by social services. You lose sleep. You miss opportunities. Bills don’t get paid on time. You might or might not get back the life you left.  This happens every week to people who get labeled ‘mentally ill.’ A call is made to 911 by someone wanting help. The next thing you know, we are yanked out of our lives. The damage for many  – materially, socially, emotionally and spiritually - is irreparable.  So here’s the deal. Before you decide it’s ok for someone else to give up 72 hours of their life so you can feel safer, at least take the time to educate yourself on the facts.  Diagnostic Detention is Un-American   Imagine this.  It is the worst day of your life. You or someone else calls 911 looking for help. The police show up, tackle you to the floor, handcuff you and yank you out of your life. Maybe you return in a few days, maybe you never do.   1. There is no warrant  2. There is no probable cause  3. There is no police investigation into the actual facts of who did what to whom  4. There are no Miranda warnings. If you say anything it can be held against you.   5. There is no right against self-incrimination. If you say nothing it is held against you  6. There is no opportunity for bail  7. No formal statement of changes is required  8. You have no right to cross-examine the real life people who reported you as dangerous  9. You lose your freedom of speech. If you protest, you are likely to be tied down and  injected with anti-psychotics against your will.  10. You lose your freedom of belief. If you insist that you are sane, safe or in the right, it proves that you lack insight to your ‘illness’   11. There is no right to a speedy trial. You may be held for weeks (sometimes months) on a doctor’s say so.   12. If the government is wrong, you are not entitled to compensation  13. The hospital bills you for services you were forced to receive. You go bankrupt if you pay it. Your credit rating tanks if you don’t  14. Your spouse divorces you. You lose your kids.  If you didn’t want to kill yourself or someone else before, you probably do now. These are the painful facts of life if you are believed to be ‘mentally ill’ in the United States of America in 2017.
72 Hour Hour Hold Flyer

Hourly Posts 


Friday September 29th

5 PM Eastern - First Hour of Personhood:

Open Letter to A Friend

6 PM Eastern - Second Hour of Personhood:

Open Letter to My Legislator

7 PM Eastern - Third Hour of Personhood:

John Herold - Moving from Re-covery to Dis-covery

8 PM Eastern - Fourth Hour of Personhood:

Ronda Richardson: Sketch Journals in Crisis and Beyond

9 PM Eastern - Fifth Hour of Personhood:

How Human Rights are Different

10 PM Eastern - Sixth Hour of Personhood:

What's the Problem?

11 PM Eastern - Seventh Hour of Personhood:

So What Are You Going to Do About It...?

12 Midnight Eastern Time - Eighth Hour of Personhood:

Conventional 'Suicide Prevention' Overwrites Personhood, Ignores Suffering - Emily Sheera,

#72HRHOLD - Eighth hour of personhood. Want to do something about the problem of suffering? Stop forced treatment. Make healthcare offer services worth staying alive for.

Saturday September 30th

1 AM Eastern - Ninth Hour of Personhood:

- Ninth Hour of Personhood. The short answer.

2 AM Eastern - Tenth Hour of Personhood:

What's Psychiatry Got to Do With Life Anyway...?

#72HRHOLD - Tenth Hour of Personhood. Questioning the relevance of psychiatry to real life. Does it have any?

3 AM Eastern - Eleventh Hour of Personhood:

Anatomy of a Breakdown

Eleventh Hour of Personhood. Life is hard. Without rights it's harder.

4 AM Eastern - Twelfth Hour of Personhood:

Why the Disease Model of Mental Illness is ... ehrmm... Dying

Twelfth Hour of Personhood. The proof that doesn't exist for eviscerating fundamental rights.

5 AM Eastern - Thirteeth Hour of Personhood:

The Foundation of Individual and Social Well Being

#72HRHOLD - Thirteenth hour of personhood.  No rights, no well being. That simple. 

6 AM Eastern - Fourteenth Hour of Personhood:

Human Rights Believes in You

#72HRHOLD - Fourteenth Hour of Personhood. I was endowed with reason and conscience - until psychiatry moved my cheese. 

7 AM Eastern - Fifteenth Hour of Personhood:

Insider Secrets: The Recipes for Well-Being

#72HRHOLD - Fifteenth Hour of Personhood.  All's Well that Trends Well. But you won't be getting any chicken soup from the pros.

8 AM Eastern - Sixteenth Hour of Personhood:

Where Medicine Ends and Life Begins

#72HRHOLD - Sixteenth Hour of Personhood. Until my doctor raises someone from the dead, we're both just have an opinion

9 AM Eastern - Seventeenth Hour of Personhood:

How Do You Tell a Hard Life from a Disordered One?

#72HRHOLD - Seventeenth Hour of Personhood.  Take off your hospital socks & check yourself in to the school of hardknocks.

10 AM Eastern - Eighteenth Hour of Personhood:

Explaining Extreme Responses

#72HRHOLD - Eighteenth Hour of Personhood. Human rights sees the human needs that propel human's to extremes.

11 AM Eastern - Ninteenth Hour of Personhood:

How Human Rights are Different: Purpose of Interventions
#72HRHOLD - Ninteenth Hour of Personhood. 

12 Noon Eastern - Twentieth Hour of Personhood:

How Human Rights Are Different: A Good Outcome Is...
#72HRHOLD - Twentienth Hour of Personhood.

1 PM Eastern - Twenty-First Hour of Personhood:

- Twenty-First Hour of Personhood.

How Human Rights are Different: Forced Treatment is...

2 PM Eastern - Twenty-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Second Hour of Personhood

What Are Human Rights?

3 PM Eastern - Twenty-Third Hour of Personhood:

A Lesson in Humility and Self-Esteem
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Third Hour of Personhood

4 PM Eastern - Twenty-Fourth of Personhood:

Human Rights are the Foundation of 'Well' Human Relations
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Fourth Hour of Personhood

5 PM Eastern - Twenty-Fifth Hour of Personhood:

Connecting Human Rights and Health
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Fifth Hour of Personhood

6 PM Eastern - Twenty-Sixth Hour of Personhood:

Connecting Behavioral Health 'Trauma' with Human Rights and Social Justice
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Sixth Hour of Personhood

7 PM Eastern - Twenty-Seventh Hour of Personhood:

Where Human Rights and Conventional Mental Health Diverge
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Seventh Hour of Personhood

8 PM Eastern - Twenty-Eighth Hour of Personhood:

By What Authority Do You Propose Crazy People Should Have Rights...?
#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Eighth Hour of Personhood

9 PM Eastern - Twenty-Ninth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Twenty-Ninth Hour of Personhood

10 PM Eastern - Thirtieth Hour of Personhood:

The Universal 'Public Safety' Question: How to Ensure "Never Again"
#72HRHOLD - Thirtieth Hour of Personhood

11 PM Eastern - Thirty-First Hour of Personhood:

Why the Universal Declaration is So Remarkable (Part 1)
#72HRHOLD - Thirty-First Hour of Personhood

12 Midnight Eastern - Thirty-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Second Hour of Personhood

Sunday October 1st

1 AM Eastern - Thirty-Third Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Third Hour of Personhood

2 AM Eastern - Thirty-Fourth Hour of Personhood:

Why Universal Declaration of Human Rights is Remarkable (Part 4)
#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Fourth Hour of Personhood

3 AM Eastern - Thirty-Fifth Hour of Personhood:

Our Status Under Human Rights: Members of a Human Family
#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Fifth Hour of Personhood

4 AM Eastern - Thirty-Sixth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Sixth Hour of Personhood
Our Status Under Human Rights: Shared Human Nature

5 AM Eastern - Thirty-Seventh Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Seventh Hour of Personhood
Our Status Under Human Rights: None of Us is 'The Problem'

6 AM Eastern - Thirty-Eighth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Eighth Hour of Personhood
Our Status Under Human Rights: We Have a Common Solution

7 AM Eastern - Thirty-Ninth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Thirty-Ninth Hour of Personhood

8 AM Eastern - Fourtieth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fortieth Hour of Personhood
Crazy Lady Mental Patient Rap Song - Pamela Spiro Wagner

9 AM Eastern - Fourty-First Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-First Hour of Personhood
Going Sane: "I Was Compliantly Ill for Decades" - Pamela Spiro Wagner

10 AM Eastern - Fourty-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Second Hour of Personhood
Just Say ABSOLUTELY NO to Commitment and Forced Treatment - It's International Law

11 AM Eastern - Fourty-Third Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Third Hour of Personhood
Equal Recognition Before Law - It's the International Standard

12 Noon Eastern - Fourty-Fourth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Fourth Hour of Personhood
Open Letter to Justin Trudeau - Ronda E. Richardson, Canada

1 PM Eastern - Fourty-Fifth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Fifth Hour of Personhood

2 PM Eastern - Fourty-Sixth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Sixth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #1: Creates Conditions of Well Being

3 PM Eastern - Fourty-Seventh Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Seventh Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #1-1: Treats Me Like Human Family

4 PM Eastern - Fourty-Eighth of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Eighth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #1-2: Appreciates My Inherent Dignity

5 PM Eastern - Fourty-Ninth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Forty-Ninth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #1-3: Recognizes My Equal, Inalienable Rights

6 PM Eastern - Fiftieth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fiftieth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #2: Respects Individual Conscience

7 PM Eastern - Fifty-First Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-First Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #2-1: Values My Reality

8 PM Eastern - Fifty-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Second Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #2-2: Respects My Morality

9 PM Eastern - Fifty-Third Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Third Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #2-3: Sees My Personhood

10 PM Eastern - Fifty-Fourth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Fourth Hour of Personhood
The Real Dirt on Medical Model Outcomes

11 PM Eastern - Fifty-Fifth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Fifth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #3: Validates Universal Needs

12 Midnight Eastern - Fifty-Sixth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Sixth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #3-1: Cares About My Basic Needs

Monday October 2nd

1 AM Eastern - Fifty-Seventh Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Seventh Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #3-2: Assesses for Unmet Human Needs

2 AM Eastern - Fifty-Eighth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Fifty-Eighth Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #3-3: Facilitates Restorative Access

3 AM Eastern - Fifty-Ninth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Seventy-Second Hour of Personhood
Human Rights Competency #4: Sees the Violent, Vicious Cycle

4 AM Eastern - Sixtieth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixtieth Hour of Personhood

5 AM Eastern - Sixty-First Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-First Hour of Personhood

6 AM Eastern - Sixty-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Second Hour of Personhood

7 AM Eastern - Sixty-Third Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Third Hour of Personhood

8 AM Eastern - Sixty-Fourth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Fourth Hour of Personhood

9 AM Eastern - Sixty-Fifth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Fifth Hour of Personhood

10 AM Eastern - Sixty-Sixth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Sixth Hour of Personhood

11 AM Eastern - Sixty-Seventh Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Seventh Hour of Personhood

12 Noon Eastern - Sixty-Eighth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Eighth Hour of Personhood

1 PM Eastern - Sixty-Ninth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Ninth Hour of Personhood

2 PM Eastern - Seventieth Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Seventieth Hour of Personhood

3 PM Eastern - Seventy-First Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-First Hour of Personhood

4 PM Eastern - Seventy-Second Hour of Personhood:

#72HRHOLD - Sixty-Second Hour of Personhood

5 PM Eastern - Surprise!  Oops, we didn't tell you ...

  You came in on the weekend.  You have to wait for business hours for your hold to start.  Looks like you've been here since Friday.  But our regular staff doctors didn't start working until 8 AM this morning.  So, congratulations.  You've done 9 hours.  Only 63 more to go...

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  1. Brava Sara! This is brilliant and right on! I am here listening and sharing... and waiting for what is to come in the next hour. Have been waiting for this 72-hour hold thing ever since you suggested it... glad to see you are doing it here. so much of what you wrote should be obvious to the people of the powers that be, but clearly it ain't so we have to take that power into our own hands and free ourselves. As Matt suggested, the suffering is real but the labels are not and they only add to the mental suffering. We all of us, including those at the top, need to break our chains or we are all enslaved.


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